Who We Are


USESI is proud to be a leading innovator for industry solutions and services.  We boast the latest and greatest advancements in technology to make the buying process seamless while not displacing our commitment to customer satisfaction.  Our dedication to elevating our  e-commerce platform,  business process software, and e-learning modules provides USESI employees with the tools needed to succeed and stay ahead of the competition.

Privately held and American-owned, we’re committed to local decision-making and the entrepreneurial spirit. We’re innovative, growing and changing the world.  As the world evolves and moves toward cleaner, more efficient energy sources, so has USESI.  We welcome you to consider joining the green movement by contacting our Renewable Solutions Division!

Be it residential, or commercial, industrial or utility, the world runs on products and services from our best-in-class electrical distribution businesses.

Our name may be new to you, but our products are part of your life each and every day.

  • From the warehouse...
  • To the storefront...
  • And everything behind the scenes. We are US Electrical Services, Inc.

The $90 billion electrical components marketplace is shaping your life every day. Here’s your chance to be a part of it.

A Body at Rest Tends to Stay at Rest...
We're not RESTING at USESI. 

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