Life at USESI

The electrical product and service industry is stable, essential and growing like crazy. We’re preparing today for a very exciting tomorrow. Discover what your future could look like at USESI.

Lighting Project Manager - Charity

Small projects. Huge projects. And everything in between. At USESI you’ll have the chance to handle them all. Add in great people and support and a company that truly understands you have a life outside the office and you’ll see that it’s hard to beat a career at USESI.

Region President - Mark

Imagine this: the chance to run your own business, with the support and operational efficiencies that come from being part of an 11-company network. If that sounds like your idea of the perfect opportunity, check out USESI.

Outside Sales - Adam

If you’re not afraid of hard work. If you like new challenges every day. And if the chance to grow your business—and your career—is what gets you out of bed every morning, we invite you to check out the opportunities that await at USESI.

A Career in Our Central Distribution Center

You might take accurate, efficient product delivery for granted, but a lot of things have to go right for a customer’s request to go from the order form to proper material on their receiving dock. The people at USESI have the training, know-how and commitment to make sure that happens hundreds of times, each and every day. Be a part of it.

Trainee - Richard

Just out of school and looking for a job where you get real responsibility from Day 1? Check out USESI. We don’t believe in busy work. We do believe in providing opportunities for you to demonstrate your initiative and giving you the support you need to be successful.

Branch Manager - Shawn

What does it tell you when the employees spend 10, 20, even 30 plus years at a company? When the manager isn’t above waiting on customers, cleaning the bathroom or stocking the shelves? When people are excited to come to work every day? We think it tells you you’ve found a company you should learn more about.